The Kota Alliance aims to help organizations excel and collaborate, by offering both programmatic and technical support. One way is to highllight the resources offered by our many collaborators and consultants. 


Kota Day 2018 presentations

We hosted #KotaDay, the annual celebration of women's empowerment, on February 2, 2018. The theme for this year’s #Kotaday was Storytelling for Women’s Empowerment. The presentations of the speakers were filmed. To relive these resourceful presentations, please have a look below!



Simin Farkhondeh



Jake Jeppson



Eduardo Placer



Jessica Greer Morris



Alison Leipzig & Michelle Goldblum




Toni Dolce



Asif Khan

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Read about women's, gender, and rights perspectives in health policies
and programmes

Read / Download here

ARROW for Change (AFC) is a peer-reviewed thematic bulletin that aims to contribute
a Southern/Asia-Pacific, rights-based, and women-centred analyses and perspectives
to global discourses on emerging and persistent issues related to health, sexuality,
and rights. AFC is produced twice-yearly in English, and is translated into selected
languages several times yearly. It is primarily for Asian-Pacific and global decisionmakers
in women’s rights, health, population, and sexual and reproductive health and
rights organisations. The bulletin is developed with input from key individuals and
organisations in Asia and the Pacific region and the ARROW SRHR Knowledge Sharing
Centre (ASK-us!).

ARROW for Change
Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW)

Twitter: @ARROW_Women
YouTube: ARROWomen
Pinterest: arrowomen


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Watch Gulalai Ismail of Aware Girls talking about gender equality work in Pakistan

We hosted an event with Gulalai Ismail, co-founder of Aware Girls and Gulmakai Champion of the Malala Fund. She shared her story of advancing gender equality in Pakistan. Watch here.

 Gulalai Ismail of Aware Girls

Gulalai Ismail of Aware Girls

 ....and here, Gulalai Ismail of our member organization Aware Girls shared the story of her journey from jihadist sympathizer to peace activist:


Do you know a victim of human trafficking? Or have a suspicion?

Don't hesitate, go to

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Desmond Nji , National First Vice President of the Cameroon Youth Network, talks in this video about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

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Scholarly Article about Muslim Law, in Defense of Gender Equality and Women's Rights


Useful arguments and insights for your dicsussions with conservative Muslims offered by Reeza Hameed, Attorney-at-Law in the UK.

Read the full article here::

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  Back  row:  Jaana Rehnstrom MD, Interim ED of the Kota Alliance;  Ambassador Kai Sauer (Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN); Richard Lui, MSNBC;   Aapta Garg, Promundo: Joe Samalin, Breakthrough.   Front row: Antonie de Jong, UNWomen; Pablo Freund, BeGirl; Andy Bettwy, Proskauer; Jonathan Kalin, Party With Consent.

 Back  row:  Jaana Rehnstrom MD, Interim ED of the Kota Alliance;  Ambassador Kai Sauer (Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN); Richard Lui, MSNBC;  Aapta Garg, Promundo: Joe Samalin, Breakthrough.

Front row: Antonie de Jong, UNWomen; Pablo Freund, BeGirl; Andy Bettwy, Proskauer; Jonathan Kalin, Party With Consent.

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Zambian Men Taking a Stand!


For immediate release 24th January, 2017

The Zambia National Mens Network (ZNMN) is disturbed over alleged sexual abuse of female police recruits by a named retired senior police officer at Lilayi Police College. The behaviour demonstrated by the retired police officer is very shameful. Police officers whether retired or are still serving should exhibit a high level of conduct as they are the custodian of the law.

The abuse of the female recruits should be thoroughly investigated and the culprit prosecuted to prevent future occurrence at the training institution so that young women with intentions of joining the police service are not discouraged. It is very sad that young female recruits who are striving to build a career in the police service were taken advantage of by retired senior officer who should have been a role model to inspire young people to join the police service. We condemn the behaviour of the senior police officer as it defeats the efforts of other good officers who have served the police with distinction.

The Inspector General of Police should ensure that no stone is left unturned to bring the culprit to account for his action. The misdemeanour of one morally rotten retired police officer who is believed to be HIV positive has the potential to bring the whole police into disrepute and therefore the Police Command should be proactive to have the retired officer arrested for abusing innocent female recruits.

Revelations by the retired police officer that he had sex with over 100 female recruits should not be ignored by society because he could be abusing other young women and girls in the community and therefore should be punished. Such a man should not be left to be on the loose because he is a danger society.

Nelson Banda
National Coordinator


Zambian National Mens Network Documents:

          Chitende Secondary School Sensitisation  Report

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Designing your Dream - Workshop in the Women’s Lab at CSI by Gina LaMorte


On September 10, 2016, CSI Women's Lab member Gina La Morte hosted a Design Your Dream conference together with inspirational speaker Kris Miyake at The Women's Lab.

Gina has a background in fashion, and the workshop was timed to coincide with New York Fashion week. Indeed the room was filled with young women, many of whom probably were thinking about starting their own fashion business. However, the workshop offered lots of food for thought and concrete advice whether you are a startup business or nonprofit!

A few notes on what we came away with: Start with Z – “dreaming backwards”  means you visualize where you want to be, and then refine it into a vision and take actions to make it concrete. A dream is general, but a vision is specific and measurable. Turning dreams into visions helps you to make all your decisions based on vision instead of provision (resources available). Successful business leaders make their decisions based not on what they currently have, or looking back, but looking forward.



1.    When the idea comes to you, write it all down

2.    Categorize the concepts

3.    Identify the why – what is your calling, as opposed to desires.

4.    Eliminate everything else!

5.    Simplify your vision statement. Remember Nike’s “just do it”! (Personally, I love Accenture’s old “keep your eye on the ball” with a photo of a golfer on a green)

The speakers made it clear it will be hard work, you will have to fight for your dream, and you must understand the timing. You may not really be ready when you think you are. Before launching, you need to research your company’s name, logo, and the competition.  Make a Pinterest board for trends, then narrow it down and focus step by step. Take a small concrete step or action towards your goal. Get an accountability partner or group!

To be true to yourself you need to know what your own core values are. Start with a blank slate and think about your peak experiences in life, your suppressed values (to know what is the opposite), and what your code of conduct needs to be. Here, Kris Miyake presented his own values –he is a Christian pastor with a church in Hawaii, but the event did not smack of proselytizing. Instead, he encouraged us to write down words or phrases, categorize them and then narrow them down to the core 3-5 values that truly reflect who we are, and to remember them as we move on.

More resources:




Gina’s book Designing your Dream can be ordered here 

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         KOTA DAY 2015

  In late Spring 2015, Kota organized an event, #Kota Day,  to offer opportunities for networking and co-learning — in essence, to showcase its core mission. The day featured keynotes by economist and author, Dambisa Moyo; Lopa Banerjee, Chief of the Civil Society Section at UNWomen; and Sheryl WuDunn, author of A Path Appears. Some hundred participants also attended 14 interactive workshops, topics of which ranged from girls’ rights and women’s in conflict situations, to fundraising and legal issues.
            The Expert Insights series features some information selected from workshops and their leaders, as well as other experts involved with The Kota Alliance. We hope you find them useful for your non-profit or related work!