Kota Expert Insights: Aga Wilson & Mari Malek on Women’s Collaboration

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The Kota Alliance Members Aga Wilson  (international development expert and the Executive Director of NFCC International) and Mari Malek (DJ, model, and the founder of Stand4Education) are passionate about improving the conditions for women and girls globally.

           NFCC International works on sexual reproductive health and empowering women and girls in Nepal. The organization has also been closely involved in the disaster relief efforts of the recent earthquake to ensure that women and girls have access to basic necessities. Stand4Education facilitates access to education in South Sudan. Their approach includes empowering women and children through education, fashion, music and art. In addition, Aga and Mari are fierce advocates for mentoring and women’s collaboration in the non-profit sector.

Who We Are:

           Meet Aga, Mari, and their organizations in this Kota Expert Insights Google Hangout:

Why Women’s Collaboration Matters:

           The approach of both NFCC and Stand4Education is to mentor, support, and engage women in collaborations. This is why and how they do it:

For more information on NFCC International, please see/contact:

Email: info@nfccint.org
Facebook:  NFCC International
Twitter: @nfccint
Website: www.nfccint.org

More information on Stand4Education, please see/contact:

Email: mari@stand4education.org
Facebook: Stand For Education, Inc.
Twitter: @stand4ed

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           The Kota Alliance is a new New York-based non-profit that aims to support organizations working on gender issues and women’s rights. The core purpose of Kota is to help underserved organizations to excel and to collaborate, by offering both programmatic and technical support. In the future, Kota will also provide office, co-working and, conference space, event space and lodging for visitors – all at affordable prices. This will be accomplished by creating the space as a social enterprise, and use of the building at market rates by anyone wishing to contribute to the cause.

           In late Spring 2015, Kota organized an event,  #KotaDay to offer opportunities for networking and co-learning — in essence, to showcase its core mission. The day featured keynotes by economist and authorDambisa Moyo;  Lopa Banerjee, Chief of the Civil Society Section at UNWomen; and Sheryl WuDunn, Author of A Path Appears. Some hundred participants also attended 14 interactive workshops, topics of which ranged from girls’ rights and women’s in conflict situations, to fundraising and legal issues.

This series of posts features Expert Insights from selected workshops and their leaders. Hope you find them useful for your non-profit or related work!

Mari Malek and Aga Wilson giving a Keynote on Women’s Collaboration, #KotaDay2015

Mari Malek and Aga Wilson giving a Keynote on Women’s Collaboration, #KotaDay2015