Schools Without Borders - Healing Through Literature

We are thrilled to have Schools Without Borders as our new affiliate. Check out this totally inspiring organization and the woman behind it, Carol Labor-Bangura!

Schools Without Borders empowers women and girls exposed to trauma through literature. Trauma manifests itself in many forms at the ecological level such as violence, abuse, bullying, poverty, and health disparities. The Healing through Literature program utilizes a public health approach to reduce social determinants of health that often accompany trauma.  New printed, Braille, and E-books that meet common core standards and psychosocial workshops are provided to women and girls in urban and rural communities domestically and internationally.

"No voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to heal, educate,  and advocate voiceless girls globally."

- Carol Labor-Bangura, the founder of Schools Without Borders

Check their website HERE