Introducing a New Kota Partner Organization: Partners for Creative Development (P4CD)

by Agnieszka Wilson

Partners for Creative Development (P4CD) delivers a one-stop-shop where organizations can find project based and creative solutions tailored to their needs.

Partners for Creative Development (P4CD) was founded by Agnieszka Wilson to support emerging non-profits, NGOs and other social enterprises.  With a project based approach, she helps these organizations take their passion to the next professional level. P4CD strives to enact social change through collaboration, bringing global experts together to create real and sustainable results.

Agnieszka Wilson, the founder of P4CD

Agnieszka Wilson, the founder of P4CD

After several years working for the United Nations in areas diverse as post-conflict, gender and disarmament, Agnieszka established her own non-profit based in NYC. Through this process, Agnieszka saw the need for a wide range of services, both short term and long term solutions, that would help similar nascent organizations thrive.  Running a non-profit can be a very lonely and exhausting job, said Agnieszka. You end up having to do everything yourself and even with amazing and hardworking interns, it is challenging as they leave after short periods and the quality of work fluctuates with them.

Whether running a small venture or a larger more successful organization, many lack the funds to pay their interns.   Payroll is often not included in donor budgets. As a result, non-profit staff are forced to wear a variety of hats, further stretching scarce resources, creating an exhausting and unproductive work environment.   Funding options can also be limited, as existing donors may lack confidence in new non-profit groups that have yet to prove successful implementation. This creates an ecosystem where large organizations continue to receive funding and grow, while smaller ones struggle.  From my experience, the most significant impact is driven by these small organizations, led by passionate and loving teams. Statistics also show that women are more often doing unpaid non-profit work, and this needs to change.

Partners for Creative Development provides services to companies and global organizations working on humanitarian issues and social change. Their services are project-based and they hand pick experts according to their client’s specific needs. What differs P4CD from other consulting agencies is that they offer experts with a humanitarian experience and background.  A disconnect currently exists between content, knowledge, experience and executive skills. P4CD is here to help bridge those gaps and connect NGOs to UN agencies and identify rising stars, build partnerships, offer training and more. They believe that in order to create peace, balance, and sustainable social change in the world there is a need to collaborate and work holistically.

Partners for Creative Development is a partner organization of the Kota Alliance.