Adopt an organization!

We are looking for individuals or corporate partners to support our member organizations and help them secure their office space and services at Kota while growing and developing their organization. A one-year residency costs $3600 ($300/month). 

You can choose to support:

StandForEducation - working for education, particularly of girls, in rural South Sudan, where women's illiteracy rate is 90%

Aware Girls, an organization working on the empowerment of young women and gender equality in Pakistan

A reproductive health organization (for the developing world) - if you know of one, you may suggest it.


Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners have shown us constant support through sponsorships and assistance in services. We are proud to work with such strong organizations and we appreciate all of their help! We are happy to receive other forms of assistance: pro bono services, mentoring for our member organizations, space for events, in-kind donations, members for our board of directors, etc.

Please contact if you would like to partner with us!