After filming and gathering the material it is time to edit the video. To do so, two simple and free applications can come in handy. Both iMovie (Apple) and Moviemaker (Microsoft) are great editing programs that can be used to create stunning videos.

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We used both programs to create different digital stories. However, we believe that iMovie is the better choice to create simple and unique videos. Therefore, the following editing section is focused on iMovie. Here are some tips for editing your video.


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  • Import all important files into your video editor
  • Keep it simple. You may have a clear idea what to create and what to tell, but maybe it won't be that clear for others
  • Take your time to find good music that suits your vision. It is advisable to have the music before you start the editing. Have a look at the section Music for more instructions
  • We suggest that you first insert your song and then follow with your video material. Just drag and drop your images and/or videos to the editor section
  • You can rearrange the length of all different sections by holding the edge of each clip and moving towards different directions
  • Edit to the rhythm of the music
  • Match recorded voices to the music
  • Stabilize the clips if the material is shaky
  • Remove background noise of the clips if necessary
  • Stream your video in full size mode to detect errors
  • Make use of transition effects. This will help you to create a coherent video
  • Use sponsor logos in the beginning or in the end of the video


  • Select individual clips and use settings to change the speed, filters, or colors of your clip
  • Try out the green screen settings for advanced video editing
  • Use the function for split screens

We've selected two examples that show the use of different effects, techniques and clips to tell a story.

Once the video editing is over, the video can be exported as a video file. The finished video can be posted on YouTube, social media, or different websites. Have a look at our Uploading section.