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Workshop: How To Make Your Credit Score Leap Like LeBron

  • Centre for Social Innovation 601 West 26th Street #325 New York, 10001 United States (map)


Our affiliate organization New Women New Yorkers' event

Having a good credit score is essential to so many things in your everyday life. 

From getting an approved loan application to renting a car, reserving an airline ticket, purchasing insurance (yes insurance companies check credit too!), getting a job, and in some cases, getting an apartment, your credit is your bargaining chip. You need to protect it. Using credit wisely and having good credit is critical in wealth building.

This powerful and interactive session will show you exactly how to let credit work for you and help you build your wealth.

During this 2-hour workshop, you will discover:

    • What credit scores are and how your score is calculated
    • 4 things you never knew about (your) credit
    • The 4 factors that don't affect your credit score
    • The one reason your loan might still be denied even with “good credit”
    • The 7 actions that will hurt your score
    • 2 sure fire ways to establish or rebuild your credit
    • My personal tips on how I built my credit 
    • And 4 easy ways to get your credit report for free!

    Tickets 10-20$

    Early bird tickets available here:

    All proceeds from the event will go towards New Women New Yorkers and its professional development program for young women immigrants.