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Align With Intention

Yoga Event: Align With Intention

Come and be a part of this special charity Yoga class that will help you align your intention for the new year, with Slow Flow Yoga + Yin + Essential Oils. This class is for everyone! You will not regret taking this time to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Slow Flow- yoga asana practice done gently and slowly.

Yin Yoga- passively held floor poses. Yin is deeply nourishing and has many benefits for any yoga practitioner.  Enhances the flow of prana (life force energy) especially in the tissues around the joints, where energy often stagnates. 

Essential Oils- Young Living oils are 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils have an incredible power to shift your energy and bring you back into (spiritual) alignment.

Bowery Yoga (302 Bowery @Houston)    
Instructor: Aino Siren

100% of the proceeds will benefit the work of The Kota Alliance. Thank you to Aino Siren and Bowery Yoga for making this possible!