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UnTabooed: Have a Happier, Healthier, Period.

Let's talk about periods because that's what we do!

UnTabooed has a one of a kind, one-hour workshop that blends all the facts and FAQ's about the menstrual cycle and reusablemenstrual products (you know, like those menstrual cups everyone seems to be talking about). Join us at the amazing New Women Space in Bushwick for a drink and sweet treat!

Leave feeling empowered from taking control of your body, and helping further our mission to provide UnTabooed workshops and reusable menstrual products to menstruators in need!


  • What is the menstrual cycle?
  • Cloth pads and menstrual cups - what they are, how to use them, how to wash them, and where to get them (hint: from us!)
  • What are the benefits to switching to reusable menstrual products?
  • Get some products and #choosetoreuse!

We like to think of it as show-and-tell.

Through our work with over 450 menstruating and non-menstruating workshop participants, we've found that most people want to see and feel the products in person before they are ready to make the switch from disposables.

We bring the highest quality and highest rated products to you, to help you make the switch to wallet, environment, and health friendly products!

It's your chance to help us #breakthetaboo!

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