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Photoshoot With Florence Montmare

Be photographed by acclaimed photographer Florence Montmare and create a lasting memory, celebrating yourself and/or be photographed with your loved one(s)!

© Florence-MOntmare-Photographer-Kota-portrait-shoot.jpg

Drop in on this special for only $300, usual package price is $550. Part of proceeds will benefit the Kota Alliance.

You receive:

  • 3 lightly edited photographs
  • Professional lighting OR environmental shot at the Women's Lab room 315

Come hang out, do a meditation in the BuddhaBooth or enjoy a refreshing drink and snacks while photographing with her. Hope to see you there!

This offer is made possible with the support of the Kota Alliance and the Womens Lab of CSI. Next photoshoot 2/26/2018, if the times don't work with your calendar buy "set a date" ticket and email us about your preferred photoshoot time at

How to buy the ticket?
You can buy your ticket on Eventbrite:

What can I bring into the event?
If you want a casual portrait, dress casually, if you want a more formal feel, wear something with more structure. If you love fashion, just go ahead and splurge! Stay with a classical look and avoid patterns and fashions that easily gets dated. Keep make-up light and natural if used.