10 tips to keep in mind while filming:


1. Film horizontal - when editing, horizontal clips go together smoothly.

Close-ups and faraway views.png

2. Film both close-ups and medium and long shots - create variation with different shot types.

Horizontal view.png

3. Play with the focus to create a special effect.


4. Keep the same light - try to avoid filming when it’s too dark, and don’t film against the light.


5. Catch smiles and interaction - this always looks better on the camera than passive and serious people.


6. Keep your camera straight and steady.


7. Use the same, good quality camera - this way you get the same quality in your material.

Same camera.png

8. Interview people to get content - the interviewee can be either looking at the interviewer, or in some cases also directly in the camera.

Copy of Speak clearly.png

9. Mind your language and speak clearly - better to speak too slow than too fast.


10. Minimize the background noise - although you can reduce some of the noise later while editing.

Copy of Speak clearly-2.png