Free Tools

In order to create a great digital story, choosing the right editing program is essential. To create and edit pictures, two of the best and free applications are Keynote (Apple) and Power Point (Microsoft). Both programs have the ability to edit pictures as well as to create animation and movements.  Another free source is a simple but very useful program called Canva. Canva provides the user with a vast number of pictures and icons to create simple drag-and-drop graphic designs. Furthermore, Canva offers a special program for nonprofits (Canva for Nonprofits), offering extra features free of charge. Even though Canva is a very good option to create images, it does not have the ability to create animations nor movements.

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We have worked with all three programs, but decided to focus on Keynote to provide you a list of tricks and tips. It is more than just a presentation application.

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  • Before starting a new project, check which format your editing program (iMovie, Moviemaker) uses. The section 'document' provides different settings to adjust the format of your project (e.g. 16:9 or 4:3)
  • Keynote has many different functions. Plan some time to go through the program and to try out different features. This will help you later (Trust us!)
  • Select fonts and shapes to create a unique and appealing image
  • The sections 'Format' and 'Animation' help you to personalise most objects, texts and images
  • It is also possible to import different images, png's, and videos



  • First, select any object, text, or image to create an animation or movement
  • Use the section 'Animation' to access all the features. In order to get a better overview, take your time to go through all the effects
  • The sections 'Build in', 'Action', and 'Build out', provide the user with different effects to make an object appear move or disappear
  • After selecting different objects and tagging them with different movements, use the 'Build order' button to create an order for the animation
  • Use 'Play' to check if your creation worked out properly

Once your image or animation is ready, you may export the project. Choose to export the project either as an image (jpg) or as a video (mov, mp4). The next step is to use your creations and to import them to any video editing program, such as iMovie (Apple) or Moviemaker (Microsoft).