The Kota Project aims to empower women around the world. It seeks to create a World Center for Women – an incubator and co-working space in New York City for not-for-profit organizations whose global mission is to improve women’s lives.

The Center is to provide subsidized office, conference, and event space in New York City to qualified women-focused organizations allowing them to channel critical resources toward their programs in the field. It will be a hub for like-minded organizations, and an incubator for fruitful collaborations. It will also include lodging for visitors and other services, some of which will help subsidize the costs. Working together from the start, we will get there faster!

In March 2015, the Kota Alliance was formed, a new 501c3 not-for-profit.  Already, we are providing co-working space, fiscal sponsorship, online visibility, and other services for small organizations.  In 2016, we will expand to larger interim space to house more women's NGOs and projects, and to enable more collaboration between organizations. HELP US GET TO THE NEXT PHASE!   Donate HERE!  




If you prefer to give to a specific cause, or organization, check out our two partner organizations campaigns relating to menstrual management: 

NFCC's campaign #LetsFaceItPeriod and UnTabooed