Holy Terror (3).png

 The Kota Alliance aspires to raise awareness and promote all women’s rights issues included in the Sustainable Development Goal #5 (on Gender Equality). This December we’re going to go back in history and and view a documentary by filmmaker  Victoria Schultz about the Anti Abortion Movement of the ‘80’s.

The Anti-Abortion movement is not a new thing - that’s what Schultz captures clearly in her documentary Holy Terror from 1986. The hour-long documentary begins from the images of blasted abortion clinics and unfolds from there to reveal the everyday life at the pro-life movement in the 80’s. The documentary is a painful reminder about what the anti-abortion movement can be at its worst.

Victoria Schultz is a feminist filmmaker born in Helsinki, Finland. Over her 40-year-long career, she has documented the lives of women and marginalized groups while traveling all over the world, focusing on the current events both as an independent filmmaker and documentary staff producer for the United Nations.

The conversation following the film will be review developments since, led by Jaana Rehnstrom, the Kota President who - besides a life-long human rights advocate - is also a gynecologist. Other speakers TBA.