#KotaDay2018: Jake Jeppson

Our second speaker at Kota Day 2018 was Jake Jeppson, a playwright, who writes funny plays that investigate the dark corners of contemporary American life.  At Kota Day Jake spoke about creative writing, and he had some very good tips on how each one of us can find our own voice.  His tips included morning pages, meditating, recording yourself, writing prompts and dancing. So, if you haven’t tried to improve your writing with some dancing now is time to try it! However, Jake pointed out that everyone of us have different tricks that can improve our writing. For example, for Jake it was half a cup of coffee, since the whole cup makes him shake. So if you are struggling with writing, maybe you should try to drink less coffee and dance more!

Watch Jake’s presentation and get some tips for your writing in the powerpoint below: 

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