XIAN HORN,  BA : Self-esteem worshop for the (dis)abled

Xian Horn's Give Beauty Wings’ Self-Esteem programs originated and continue at NYU's Initiative for Women with Disabilities, the Jewish Community Center Manhattan, and M.S. 131 in Chinatown. The programs have also been presented by Xian at the the Standing Tall school (a school for non-verbal children), NYC Lab School (where she was also commencement speaker). She has also tailored vocational workshops for the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities.

Xian is a graduate of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

Xian Horn's journey to Give Beauty Wings began when she performed a personal monologue in Visible Theatre's True Story Project: Faith. Thanks to the phenomenal response of audiences to her story, she saw the pervasive need for positive role models and the positive effect she could have on girls with and without disabilities.


JOANNE AHOLA, MD: Rewire Your Brain to Meet Challenges with Calm and Resilience

Joanne Ahola, MD is a psychiatrist  in New York, Medical Director Emeritus of the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights; member of the Asylum Network of Physicians for Human Rights, and the Medical Director of Research Institute Without Walls, a Kota Affiliate organization. RIWW is focused on researching, training and teaching about the needs of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers.

In addition to her pro bono human rights work, Joanne Ahola, M.D., has a full-time private psychiatric practice in NYC, where she integrates psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, hypnosis, EMDR, EFT, nutrition and other wellness therapies.

Today's workshop will incorporate fun, instantly applicable techniques to quickly reduce stress and anxiety, including in the high stress situations we all can find ourselves in. Learn to switch your central nervous system from wired to calm and focussed on a dime and when it most counts. Copies of M.Tiers' book, The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit, for early arrivers.


MARY CHAN: Healthy Eating for the Multitasker

Big changes often boil down to small daily decisions. Mary will help you deconstruct healthy eating into bite-size action steps and show you how to integrate them into your busy life. She will also offer a sample tasting of her home-made power snacks. Be ready to leave the workshop with a happy stomach and re-energized spirit!

Mary is a yoga teacher, nutrition and health coach who supports her clients to optimize their health through eating real foods and making lifestyle changes.

She empowers men and women to take control of their food and eating habits by teaching them to be self-aware and self-loving. As a wife and mother to a 9 year old who cooks daily for her family, she loves sharing her practical kitchen tips to show everyone how easy it is to prepare simple meals on a regular basis. Her mission is to make healthy living delicious, pleasurable and fun.


JULIE TUPLER, RN:  Exercise during and after pregnancy

Julie is a Registered Nurse, Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Personal Trainer. She developed the Maternal Fitness® Program in 1990 and for over 20 years has been teaching pre and post-natal exercise to prepare women for the “marathon of labor.” She has developed the Tupler Technique® Program for treatment of diastasis recti for women during and after pregnancy, men and children.

America's most well-known surgeon, Dr. Oz, calls Julie an "expert" on diastasis recti. New York Magazine calls her the guru for pregnant women. She has been featured on many national television programs such as the Today Show, Regis & Kelly as well as in many fitness, medical, and women's health magazines. Elle Macpherson credits the Tupler Technique® for a 20 minute delivery and her fast recovery. She wrote the forward for Julie's Lose Your Mummy Tummy book. Singer Jewel used the program during her pregnancy. The Tupler Technique® is the only research and evidenced based program to treat a diastasis recti.

Julie is now licensing the Tupler Technique® program to medical and fitness professionals all over the world. She presently has 29 Licensees.  She has written two bestselling books-- Maternal Fitness (Simon& Schuster) and Lose Your Mummy Tummy (DaCapo), produced five DVDs and developed the Diastasis Rehab Splint®. Julie has also developed a six week online support program for her clients. She is on the advisory board of Fit Pregnancy, Women's Health Foundation and the Women's Sports Foundation. She is a frequent speaker at medical and fitness conferences including the American Hernia Society where in 2011 and 2012 she had her abstracts published in Hernia Journal. Julie spoke on the non-surgical Tupler Technique® approach to Diastasis Recti at the 1st  World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery, in Milan, Italy Center April, 2015.
Click here to hear her talk.


KARIN JOHNSON , R.N., Dipl. Ac., C.A. :  Aroma Therapy, Supporting Feelings of Relaxation and Empowement

I began my journey in the health field at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Forty four years later I found myself looking back at a most satisfying nursing career. Working as a health professional, I have found deep personal satisfaction helping people in their time of need, from maternity, to teaching; as well as in wound care, home health care and geriatrics, the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t give back or change one moment of the time I spent working with people from all walks of life as a nurse or educator. I treasure and embrace every minute of these warm, rewarding experiences.

In my continuing commitment to promote healthier lifestyle information and choices, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine in Montclair, N.J. and became an accredited practitioner. Life is for living healthy, happy and feeling good all over. I am honored to help in meeting the needs of so many people. I have a unique vantage point to in my knowledge of the strengths of both Eastern and Western Medicine.

I fully embrace the huge responsibility that comes with this knowledge. Daily, I reaffirm my commitment to care for and help all who are interested in becoming well and staying well. My work can and does make a difference in people’s lives. It is from this that I derive my greatest joy and satisfaction.

At Acusource Healing, I specialize in using a variety of holistic techniques to improve your physical health and the well being of your mind and spirit. I employ cutting edge technologies tailored to your individual needs, including Japanese and Classic Style Acupuncture, Micro-Light Needle-less Acupuncture, Foot Detox, Far Infrared Sauna, Aroma Therapy, Bio-Mat Therapy, Ear Coning, CranioSacral Therapy, Facial and Whole Body Rejuvenation and AromaTouch technique.


Shulamit Elson & Richard Lawton:  How to Become More Resilient Using MediSounds Meditation

Shulamit Elson spent over 20 years in the corporate world. In 1990, Shulamit pioneered the MediSounds Meditation Process for transformation and well-being, which is based on ancient teachings about the power of sound and vibration, as well as theorems of the modern science of Super String theory.

She has worked with individuals and organizations throughout the world, providing clients with the meditative tools to help clarify judgment, reduce stress, improve creativity and enhance visionary thinking. Shulamit has taught MediSounds meditation to individuals from many walks of life including athletes, corporate leaders, senior and mid-level managers, actors, artists, aid workers, European Union Reconciliation Councilors, and war veterans.

She has presented to audiences in such diverse venues as the Rotunda in the Capital Building in Washington DC., Tibet House in New York City, the Sri Aurobindo Healing Center in Pondicherry India, Esalen and Omega Institutes, and various corporate headquarters. She was honored to give the “keynote” address for the introduction of the Congressional bill H.R. 808 to create a cabinet level Department of Peace.

She also serves as President of The Great Octave Foundation, which is currently  in partnership with Services for the Underserved (SUS) the largest non-profit organization in New York State working to assist the homeless, and others in need including US war veterans suffering from PTS.

email:  shulamit@twoarrowsinc.com   phone:  (646) 405-5187


Richard Lawton has held executive-level positions at Time Inc. and Barnes & Noble, and was Senior Vice President at Comag Marketing Group, LLC (a Hearst – Conde Nast joint venture). Richard’s management responsibilities have included a wide range of corporate functions including sales, marketing, information systems, supply chain management, human resources, and corporate communications.

A change-leader and intrapreneur, he was recognized by Folio magazine as “being one of the magazine industry’s top 40 influencers and innovators,” and was a recipient of the Time Inc. President’s Award.  As a recognized sustainability champion, he has presented at numerous industry conferences and served on the Magazine Publishers Association’s Environmental Task Force and Walmart’s magazine sustainability committee.

Mr. Lawton is currently Founder & Principal of Triple Ethos LLC, a consulting firm that helps companies integrate sustainability values into board governance and strategy within a triple-bottom line framework. He is a Governance Fellow with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), serves on the Boards of three non-profits with mission-driven earned revenue models, and is a Certified CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) Consultant.

He has been practicing a form of Buddhist meditation for the past 20 years.

Mr. Lawton holds a BS from Clemson University and an MBA in Sustainability from Antioch University New England.

email:  richard@twoarrowsinc.com


Agnieszka Wilson: MIndfulness and Meditation

Agnieszka Wilson is the Executive Director of NFCC International Donor Liaison and Representative office in New York. Her responsibilities involve donor relations, advocacy and communication at the global level. Prior to NFCC, she was with the UN working on post-conflict and gender-related issues. Her work involved the coordination of 22 UN agencies focusing on Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR). She is also co-founder and manager of a New York based women’s network.

She holds a Master's of Political Science from Uppsala University, Sweden. Her passion for women’s rights and commitment to end violence against women and girls inspire her to do this work and to continue striving for gender equality.


Rebecca Casciano (Mary Chan Wellness): Empowered Beauty: Seeing Ourselves in a New Light

Rebecca Casciano is a makeup artist, natural beauty expert and Sacred Beauty Coach who helps women discover the connection between inner health and outer beauty. For over 15 years, she's worked as a celebrity and fashion makeup artist, helping hundreds of clients look and feel their best. Rebecca entered the beauty industry after suffering with cystic acne for several years and finding little relief from conventional treatments. Rather than settling for medications with possible side effects, she decided to take a holistic approach, transitioning to a whole-foods, plant-based diet and embracing natural healing modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, cleansing, yoga and meditation. Since then, Rebecca has been passionate about helping all women achieve radiant health and sustainable beauty, from the inside out. She offers one-on-one makeup lessons and applications using natural and organic cosmetics. She recently founded Sacred Beauty Salon Series, a live group workshop that explores deeper notions of beauty, practical makeup tips and lifestyle inspiration. Learn more about Rebecca's unique services at www.rebeccacasciano.com.


Wendy Hurwitz, M.D. : 10 Tips to Manage Stress

 Ten tips to manage stress will be presented. Everyone will learn a time-effective technique to minimize stress and maximize vitality.

About Dr. Wendy Hurwitz:

 A graduate of Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Hurwitz is a nationally recognized expert on stress. A former medical researcher for ABC News, Dr. Hurwitz is an expert in two fields: Mind/Body Medicine and Energy Medicine. She teaches both professionals and students in medicine, psychology, and the allied health professions, and has lectured at Harvard Medical School, Yale University School of Medicine, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, NYU, and Fordham University.  Dr. Hurwitz is the author of the chapter Energy Medicine in the textbook Micozzi, M (ed):  Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2nd Edition, Churchill Livingstone, Philadelphia, 2001.   She has a forthcoming book on stress.

Dr. Hurwitz helps organizations and individuals achieve peak performance by enhancing vitality and wellness.  She provides individual energetic assessments, personal consultation, training, lectures, seminars, and workshops. She translates the latest and most sophisticated scientific research on stress and energy into practical, easy-to-use techniques people can use to maintain and enhance vitality even under the most trying circumstances.  Dr. Hurwitz has provided training for AT&T, Unilever, Lowe Worldwide, the FDNY, and has been an invited guest speaker at the United Nations.


Rebecca Kelly Golfman: Empowering Girls: Girl Be Heard Background and Tutorial . Rebecca is Assistant Director of Education at Girl Be Heard. 

 “The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are.”  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Where she got Girl Power: Rebecca gets her Girl Power from Nina Simone, Angela Davis, and bell hooks. She is an express intersectional Black feminist dedicated to exploring the link between arts and activism.  Rebecca trained and performed in musical theatre before using the skills of empathy, presentation, and hard-work acquired through that craft as a civil rights attorney focusing on educational inequity and race. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance with an emphasis on Musical Theatre from Wagner College in NY and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Connecticut School of Law (UConn).

How she has been Staging the Revolution: Rebecca began her activist work protesting the war in Iraq in 2006 and working with NY Grassroots Campaigns in 2008, which lead her to law school. In addition to her academic achievements while in school, she organized and curated an art show featuring pieces celebrating diversity by prominent local and nationally recognized artists. She also co-founded and taught with a civic education program dedicated to empowering high school students with their constitutional rights and oral advocacy skills.  Following her time in law school, Rebecca served as Associate Counsel with the national headquarters of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in Washington, DC where she focused primarily on breaking the school-to-prison pipeline (STPP), implicit bias in education, and promoting restorative justice. She presented her research and work on STPP to the American Bar Association and through written testimony to Congress. Just prior to her time with Girl Be Heard, Rebecca served as an Adjunct Professor at American University Washington College of Law with the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project (MBP) where she co-taught a weekly seminar for upper-level law students on education law and teaching pedagogy through an anti-racist youth empowerment framework. 

Coming soon: details of

7 -   Writing workshop
12 - Titta Riikonen- Guy: Demystifying Healing
13 - Sari Gold., MD: Women and Sleep
14 - PANEL: How Spirituality Informs Social Activism: Yvonne O'Neal, Safiyya Sarkin, others TBA