Kota Mentoring Program for Professional Women

Are you ready to recalibrate, reconnect, and repower?


Our new LIVE online group-mentoring program is designed for mid-career professional women who are looking to

  • attain self-realization and increase abundance in your life.

  • relieve stress and find a mind-body-spirit connection which supports sustainable work-life harmony.

  • reconnect with your inner wisdom and start to make better decisions.

  • get unstuck by identifying your limiting beliefs and powerfully transforming them.

  • learn to use your energy systems and  ‘energetic laws’ to create desired changes in your life and career.

  • find clarity on how to improve relationships at work and/or in private life.

Program includes:

  • Twelve (12) live online Zoom group-mentoring meetings starting October 7th. Each week has at least one session.

  • An orientation event on October 2nd, 2019, to meet other participants and the Instructor.

  • Plenty of live Q&A time - an opportunity to ask questions during each session.

  • Eight (8) live guided self-reflection processes, meditations, and/or breathing exercises.

  • Daily exercise and weekly assignment(s) which support the mentees on their journey.

  • Proven tools/exercises which can be used after the program and incorporated into everyday life.


Miia Viita. Miia is a claircognizant Transformation and Energy Mentor. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs in attaining profound positive shifts in their lives and/or businesses by guiding them to change their energy, expand their awareness, and tap into their inner wisdom. Before Miia founded Ettle Coaching she worked more than 15 years in the finance, consulting, and executive education sector. Read more about Miia and Ettle Coaching here.

Delivery method:

The live mentoring sessions will be conducted online on Zoom. Each session will be recorded and posted on a password protected website, where the mentees can watch it if they miss a live meeting.

Application process:

You can apply to the program HERE. After reviewing your application, we will contact you and schedule a one-on-one phone interview with Miia in order to confirm that you are the right fit for this program. We highly encourage prospective participants to be open-minded, prepared to take an inner journey, willing to share, and committed to doing the daily/weekly work in order to gain results.

There are two options of the program available:  

  1. 8-week group-mentoring program for $1650/mentee. 

  2. 8-week group mentoring program and a 45 minute one-on-one online session for $1900/mentee (limited availability). 


  • Check - Personal check made out to The Kota Alliance and sent to 601 West 26th Street Suite #325-102, New York, NY, 10001.

  • Online payment - You can also pay the mentoring program by making a donation ($1650/$1900) to Kota through Great Positive HERE. Please note that additional fees (credit card) apply when paying through Great Positive. 

  • Please note that Your attendance is guaranteed only after Kota has received the payment.

For more information, please contact us via email info@kota-alliance.org.  

This is a fundraising program for The Kota Alliance, with a large portion of the fee going to support our work for startup women’s enterprises and women-focused nonprofit organizations, both local and global. A huge thank you to Miia for her generosity!


Miia Viita, a claircognizant Transformation and Energy Mentor

After working 15 years in the corporate world, Miia founded Ettle Coaching LLC and stepped fully into her calling. Her passion now is assisting other people to create desired changes in their professional or personal lives, and guide them on their journey of self-awareness, realization, and development. Miia’s business and wellness acumen, together with her access to energetic, higher consciousness information, composes a unique, honest and ‘to-the-point’ mentoring experience which has helped clients across multiple continents. Read more about Miia’s journey here.

Miia is authentic, warm and direct with her messages. She has channeled and relayed very
specific, timely and accurate information and guidance which has expanded my perspective
reduced my stress and increased my confidence. I highly recommend Miia for both personal and
professional guidance.
— Billinda Pita, Life Coach, Toronto
Miia is great at helping people finding peace and gaining clarity in any given situation. She will kindly direct the person in need towards his or her truth and deeper understanding about everyone’s personal responsibility in creating one’s reality. I can highly recommend Miia’s services and insight to anyone, whether personal and business related issues at hand.
— Sanna Ingman, Helsinki