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Where to find it?

Finding music for your video can be difficult due to copyright issues and royalty-fees. Here are a few websites where you can find music:

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How to choose your music?

Many search engines allow you to filter the music, helping you to choose the right music for your video.  For promotional videos, good key words are, for example, "upbeat", "happy", "inspirational", "instrumental", and "motivational".

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Copyright issues

Be careful with copyright issues! When "free" means free of charge and when it means royalty-free.  Get familiar with copyright licensing terms, such as CC (Creative Commons), BY-SA-NC (attribution, share alike, non-commercial), and ND (non-derivative).

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While editing

  • Match the music and story - For example, when there is intro in the music, there is intro in the video too and when the music “gets going”, the video also moves on to the next chapter of the storyline

  • Edit it to fit  - Usually it looks good if your video clips move and change in the rhythm of the music

  • Editing music -  You can copy-paste and cut the music: For example, if your music is too short and ends too soon, you can try to find a repetitive part in the middle of the song and duplicate it. For this purpose you can download, for example, the free Audacity sound editing tool. If the song you chose is too long, you can simply fade the music away at the end of the video with your editing program