Join us as a Partner Organization


Presently, The Kota Alliance is located at a co-working table at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), Women's Lab. We welcome as partners organizations that endorse the UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 on Gender Equality, and all or part of whose programs benefit women. Acceptance of an organization into the Kota community does not necessarily imply endorsement of all of the member’s views and policies. Benefits of Kota partnership include:

  • Visibility for your organization on our website

  • Free forwarding of your events and campaigns to our networks via our newsletters and social media

  • Kota co-hosting events

  • Free attendance at Kota Day seminars and workshops and discounted tickets at fundraising and other ticketed events

  • First access to become a founding partner (for access to space and services) when our own Center is realized (no binding commitment at this time is expected)

  • Possible event insurance (please inquire)

At this time, partnership is free. View the Memorandum of Understanding to see if your organization qualifies. To apply, email

At our co-working tables within the Women’s Lab, we have room to share with our partner organizations.

Additional benefits of in-house membership include:

  • Sharing the Kota conference room space quota

  • Access to valuable partners, mentors, and skilled professionals (via the CSI network)

  • Support of a like-minded community

  • Relevant programming access to funding opportunities

  • Networking opportunities

  • Fiscal sponsorship if needed

  • Insurance for most events

  • Basic help from our interns for campaigns and co-hosted events: marketing the event to our networks, coordinating the space and insurance as well as possible ticket sales, and assisting in running the event. Possible commission for Kota depends on the extent of additional services needed for the event: sponsorship recruitment, organizing catering, and so on. That will be negotiated case-by-case.

Pricing is on full-time or part-time basis, and admission is subject to approval by CSI.  For more details, contact


Our current Partner Organizations