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Siri Berg: Kabbalah

Swedish-born artist Siri Berg emigrated to New York as a teenager, and has done a remarkable career since. Her work consists of abstract, minimalist paintings in vivid colors, collages, and assemblages of found industrial objects in geometric abstraction. Siri Berg's work has been acquired by The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC; The Jewish Museum, NYC; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; and many private, corporate, and university collections. Siri Berg taught Color Theory at the New School for over 25 years, and at age 94, still works in her studio. 

The current signed monoprint (unframed), donated by Siri herself, draws its inspiration from the Kabbalah. 31"x 19".

Value - $1800


Bahamas Cruise (Blue Star Cruises)

  • Two Night Cruise for two aboard the Grand Celebration to the Grand Bahama Island, with all your meals, entertainment, and activities included onboard.
  • $50.00 in Casino Match Play valid aboard ship in the Par-A-Dice Casino.
  • Terms and conditions: please take your time to review your reservation documents on the site (login info will be given to the winner).
  • When you're ready to travel, complete your Reconfirmation Forms online (how to book page) or mail them in at least 60 days in advance of your requested date, or simply call the friendly Customer Care Department Toll Free at 1-800-461-8253 US and Canada, if you have general questions. For the Reservations Department, pelase call 1-844-889-2021. Expires 10/2017. Transferable. Donated anonymously.

Value - $700


From the Series "Touching time"

There is a black sandy beach on the southern shore of Iceland where the sea surf plays with bergy bits, crystalline chunks of icebergs. The icebergs calf off the melting glacier way up the valley where its leading edge towers above a turquoise lagoon crowded with white and blue ice. At first, the bergs float here and there as if undecided what to do next, then break into smaller chunks and float down the river into the cold surf of the North Atlantic. If the tide is going out, they soon bob away and disappear behind the waves. But if it is coming in, the sea tosses them back on the beach where they catch the white daylight in their icy mirrors and slowly melt. These water molecules, which may be older than the earth and the sun, came a long way and will continue to travel into infinity.  But you can touch them here and now, while they rest for a while. Unframed. 20"x 13".

Value - $500


Pihka Fringe Earrings

Lovia Jewel with thin chain fringing and butterfly fastening.

Rose Gold coated: Lead free brass (90% Copper, 10% zinc)

Value - $406


Ten Tickets to Any Concert by Gateway Orchestra

Gateway Classical Music Society is an organization dedicated to bringing the thrill of great classical music performances to audiences in city and suburban neighborhood everywhere - not just in the rarified precincts of large metropolitan concert halls, but in houses of worship, theaters, and other intimate settings. Gateway presents high quality concerts of large music works (opera, symphony, oratorio), and highlights thereof with intensity and visceral impact.
Our aim is to make classical music works of art more accessible to the public at large. We believe there is great public hunger for the fruits of profound artistic genius, irrespective of labels like "classical". Gateway believes that we can make a difference in building popularity for classical music in the US. The orchestra is conducted by Ida Angland and performs in the New York metropolitan area. The voucher is valid from September 2016 to September 2017 and can be used in any combination (eg. 10 single tickets to different performances, or take a group of 10 to one performance!).

Value - $350


Diastasis Rehab Women's Package by Julie Tupler, RN

Diastasis Recti, a condition often ignored by the medical community, is a problem that screams for more attention, and that is why Everybelly® should be checked for a diastasis recti.  Everybelly®  means all women (baby or no baby), men and children. Many people have a diastasis recti and just don't know it!
A diastasis recti is a separation of your outer most abdominal muscles. The job of these muscles (called rectus abdominis), is to support your back and your organs... but separated muscles cannot do their job of supporting your back and organs. To achieve a strong core, your muscles must be close together.
The cause of diastasis is from continuous stretching of, and intra-abdominal force and pressure on, this connective tissue that joins your outer most abdominal muscles. Right smack in the middle of this connective tissue is your belly button which is a weak spot. That is why when the connective tissue stretches sideways, your belly button will become an "outie." Pregnancy and diong crunches are examples of intra-abdominal "force" on the connective tissue. Wearing a front loading baby carrier or being in a hands and knees position are examples of "pressure" on the connective tissue.
A diastasis can be closed on anyone at any time. It does not matter when you had your baby or even if you have had a baby at all! Closing a diastasis is all about healing the connective tissue, which is all about putting it in a better (narrow) position, bringing blood flow to it and protecting it when doing any type of activities so it is not being stretched nor does it have any intra-abdominal force or pressure on it. Surgery should be your very last resort!

One Diastasis Rehab Splint (black, any model);
One Diastasis Rehab Hose (Your Mummy Tummy);
Tupler Technique Guidebook;
Six-week online support session.

Value - $350