Meet the Team

Board Members


Jaana Rehnstrom, MD, MPH, President

Founder and President of The Kota Alliance. Experience of leading cultural organizations in NYC; Physician (OB/GYN) and lifelong human rights activist. Eternally grateful to the Finland Center Foundation team who catalyzed Kota into existence: Zac Kelly, Suska Karjalainen, Meeri Koskialho, Daniel Todercan, and many other volunteers!

Sari Gold, MD, Chair

A psychiatrist working for a not-for-profit organization Brownsville Multi-service Family Health Center, as well as in private practice. The majority of her work for 8 years was conducting psychiatric assessments at a homeless women's shelter. Since 2011 she has been working with Empower Nepali Girls foundation. ENG, established in 2001, which provides scholarships to over 280 marginalized and at-risk girls in dozens of villages around Nepal. It's mission is to empower young women through education, support and mentoring.



Upoma Dutta, BBA

Strategy professional with track record of providing analytical and problem solving support to organizations across multiple industries (media & entertainment, clean tech, international development, etc.) and geographies (North America, South Asia). In her past role as a Consultant at International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), Upoma helped to design advisory services to support financial institutions in expanding financial access among women and women-owned businesses in South Asia. In 2017, she also co-founded a mission-driven social enterprise catering to the unique development needs of women entrepreneurs and professionals in growth-oriented service sectors in Bangladesh. She was also a recipient of the Diamond Award at HSBC Young Entrepreneurs Award in Hong Kong.