Where Are We Now?

We have a two–track parallel plan: a Long Term one, as well as an Interim Stage.


Interim Stage

                  Long Term Plan

The Long Term plan for The Kota Alliance is to create a World Center for Women - to function similarly to the way we do now at CSI, but in our own space and on a larger scale. Our goal for the Center is to offer subsidized core spaces and additional services including, but not limited to:

  • Co-working/private office space for partner organizations

  • Conference and seminar rooms - used at large for workshops and networking and available to partner organizations

  • Multipurpose event space with equipment and event insurance

  • Hostel-style lodging - rooms rented on a short-term basis at subsidized rates to guests of our tenants during conferences, performances, and other occasions; when not unoccupied by our tenants, rooms can be rented out on a short-term basis to visiting international students, scholars, and professionals

  • Daycare/Scandinavian-style preschool - would introduce renowned methods of egalitarian and gender-neutral education to our tenants' employees and local families

  • Cafe/restaurant run by local business

  • Gym/Finnish sauna - membership based

In addition, depending on the size of the building acquired and the funding available, we will add other income-generating functions to support our operations.

Our Business Plan with detailed financial calculations is now available for serious consideration by foundations and social impact investors! Please contact Board Chair Sari Gold: sari@kota-alliance.org


We are currently operating out of the Women's Lab in the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), located in Chelsea, NYC. At CSI, we have our own desk, storage, and working space, including work room for several people. While this, of course, makes it comfortable for us to work, it also allows for our people from our partner organizations to work right alongside us. For partner organizations to use the CSI meeting and conference spaces, they simply book it through Kota! This temporary setup gives many organizations access to CSI's resources at subsidized rates and encourages collaboration and dialogue among the organizations.

If you work for gender equality and women's/girl's empowerment, health, education, entrepreneurship, etc. – you belong with us! This is especially the case if you are a small organization or a startup project looking for support and subsidized space.

Apply at CSI and join Kota for added benefits; more here.

Kota's desk at the  Centre for Social Innovation , with some partner organization members working in the background.

Kota's desk at the Centre for Social Innovation, with some partner organization members working in the background.