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Is there hope for a new world order of equal privilege for men and women? This time is inspiring many to take action. Kota's partner organizations have already been working for a while in different ways to increase gender equality and bring opportunities for girls and women. In the long term - but not too distant future - we will establish in New York City a World Center for Women; a hub and incubator for women-focused nonprofits and women social entrepreneurs. Help us get to the next stage in the process!

Thank you to our donors so far:

Tatiana Kovalev, Zoya Samoylova, Mari Simonen, Anonymous, Heather Evans, Cheryl Evans, Amanda Nussbaum, Carol Luong, Claire Quillin, Joanne Ahola, Jaclyn Evans, Susan Blaustein, Elizabeth Kuhlenkamp, Celia Gerard, Satu Perjo, Lenka Moore, Paul Feuerstein, Rebecca Eddy, Helene Diyabanza Peterson, Lauri Romanzi, Upoma Dutta, Sari Gold, Sheila Katzman, Caroline Cantone, Pajton Dauer, plus (via check from a Facebook campaign, add $900 to the total you see on the website!): Minna Aslama Horowitz, Gail Middleton, Gail Blane, Irma Swahn, Anssi Rantanen, Joel Rehnström, Seppo Vaittinen, Anne Rahmouni, Sirkku Enberg, Johanna Telander, Niina Sääskilahti, Kati Laakso, Karen Kenter-Potty, Jill Kline, Roger Luhiriri, Katariina Forsberg, Laura Palotie.

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The Dignity Project: Screenings

The Dignity Project is a storytelling workshop for young women to learn new digital skills and share stories about important issues in their lives, in the process empowering themselves and each other. It establishes a safe space for young women, where they are free to create their own personal expression through digital storytelling. We are proud to invite you to the screenings of the short films made by the Dignity Project students! During the event, the participants of the program will receive a certificate of graduating from the program. Read more here!

 Architectural rendering of what our future building may look like. Credit goes to the esteemed   Urban Quotient     (© 2015). We are very grateful for their support.

Architectural rendering of what our future building may look like. Credit goes to the esteemed Urban Quotient (© 2015). We are very grateful for their support.

What is Kota?

The Kota Alliance is a umbrella organization elevating collaboration across borders for women-centered nonprofits, NGOs, social enterprises and entrepreneurs, businesses and startups that share the like-minded goal of improving gender equality and supporting women. Currently working out of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), The Kota Alliance long term goal is to be working independently out of a World Center for Women via a social enterprise model. About half of nonprofits identify “long-term financial sustainability” as their greatest challenge. By joining Kota at the Women's Lab at CSI, our members benefit from our group discount for coworking and event space. Additionally, those who join our community, receive tangible  fiscal, physical, and programmatic support, as well as the opportunity to collaboration across organizations.

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Kota Alliance is a working member of the Women's Lab at the  Centre for Social Innovation co-working space in Chelsea, NYC.

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